Friday, December 12, 2008


"Have a Merry Christmas,
and fun holiday times
....(hope the weather
will oblige)."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grandchildren - "Our Precious Little People"

Monti Cleugh-Gibb

born @ Dunedin on 30th September, 2008

3 weeks old......

Having a snooze on Sara

..and with doting Dad .

A cuddle for Nana......

.......& lets go for a walk Grandad!


Monti @ 6 weeks

With Mum Sara....

& Dad Nevin


October, 2008

I took a quick trip to Wellington to go to "The Wearable Art" Show
......a good excuse to catch up again

Those beautiful brown eyes

Ella is so patient getting
her photo taken, I guess she
is used to Nana having a camera
attached to her arm!!!


July, 2008

Doug & I visited Wellington
(Harry 6 months & Ella 2 years +)

Wellington Botanical Gardens

Ella loved helping us pot up some flowers
for her to look after once we had gone home


April, 2008

Family time at the Timaru's
Botanical Gardens

Harry @ 3 months amongst
the autumn leaves

.....& fun for Ella at Caroline Bay

Janelle & Harry


25th April, 2008

Ella's 2nd birthday,
celebrated at our home,
...Nevin & Sara came up
from Wanaka to join us.


April, 2008

All photo's below were
taken in our garden....
(Ella 1 year, Harry 3 months)


Harry Bealing,

Born @ Wellington
15th January, 2008

Harry @ 1 week......

Janelle, Ella & Harry

Robert with Harry

Ella watching over her new wee brother

Janelle with Harry


December 2006

- a visit to Wellington to deliver
Christmas presents.

A new doll....

and a bike from Nana & Grandad


25th April, 2006

Ella 1st birthday,
.....what an ocassion!


March, 2007

Aidan & Kaylene came over from Australia
to celebrate his 30th birthday


Christmas/New Year 2006/2007

Ella's 1st Christmas

below are two of
my favourites photo's

...and with Nana & Grandad


Ella Rose Bealing,

born @ Wellington
25th April, 2006

Doug & I visited our 1st tiny grandchild
when Ella was 3 weeks old.....
a special time for us

Ella's weight at birth was
only 5lb 20z, she had to spend
some time in neo-natel unit