Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Day at Fox Peak

Saturday 11th January -  
Doug, Suezette, Norma, Pat & I left early to have a day at Fox Peak
- the idea being to photograph the Alpine flowers, mainly the white daisy celmisia  and whatever else presented itself.  Well, what choices we had. 
As we ascended the road, we were shrouded in mist which in itself gave us plenty of moody atmospheric images.  Then as we emerged from the cloud into brilliant sunshine looking down onto the clouds of "candy floss" - breath taking! 
 Our host, Roland Dale welcomed us to his batch with a very late morning tea before we tramped across the golden tussock to the South Basin.  The views were again breath taking. 
 A late lunch at 3pm was enjoyed, then Roland took us to some of his favourite spots, which are seen below. 
Our most enjoyable day concluded with drinks and dinner, before capturing the late sunset enhanced by the unfortunate fire on the island at Lake Tekapo.

There were drifts of celmisia everywhere as we
started to climb the hills

The fog added lots of mood and atmosphere
Likened to match sticks in the background - an awesome sight

Another take on the one above
Then, we drove above the clouds - wow!!
"Stop the car" was the shout!!
Many images taken - how could you not!!
Sun rays, blue sky, and candy floss clouds

a clump of celmisia

Roland's pride & joy

The view from Foxhole - along with "the room with a view"
After some refreshments we went walking mountaineering
This tiny wee plant I found in a crack in the rocks
Ever so tiny found in natures rock garden
Growing from the rocks
Another smaller species of celmisia
celmisia underside

The team - Norma, Suezette, Pat, Me
The clouds kept rolling in and away all day
These are the larger variety....
...and were in very good condition
We've all got one - a backside!!

A bit of mono arty farty

Prickly & lethal - don't mess with these, they leave their mark
The Speargrass/taramea were flowering and
making quite a statement

Along came a wee bug for his moment of fame!
Dried celmisia seed head
Roland took us to this very pretty spot.....
.....where the blooms were exquisite
This reminded me of the Plitvice Lakes & waterfalls, Croatia
Native flax flower - colours incredible
Flax silhouettes
The team - Pat, Doug, Roland
Me, Norma, Suezette
Days end, an ocean of clouds.
 The golden colour is smoke from the fire on Moturiki Island, Lake Tekapo