Saturday, February 21, 2009


Doug & I spent a great weekend
at Akaroa......such a delighful place

The lighthouse, pretty much self explanatory!!

We went for a walk to see these stunning vistas....

.....these boatsheds & many others where scattered
around the numerous bays.

The weather was very hot - a paddle at Le Bonn beach

The remaining images have been "played
around" with......

.....these two have got the 'old' look

The wharf....

Those boat sheds again....??!!

We enjoyed a lovely brunch, in the grounds of a cafe -
a bonus was the farmers market being held under the trees.

Sunset on this

NO....just kidding, the water had not risen this high!!!

I rather like this one....

We enjoyed a fabulous sunset .....

And out for dinner, superb food.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Christmas New Year - 2008/2009

We are well into February, and I haven't put any
of our Christmas/holiday snap here goes.

Ella & Harry at Salisbury, Harry's 1st Christmas

Monti, - sleep time

Robert, Nev & Doug - settling in @ Nevin & Sara's home

Wee Monti...Daddy's boy

Our three wee treasures

Christmas Morning....enjoying some bubbles!


Janelle & Rob, Christmas morning

Kaylene & Aidan - what does this look tell you, any ideas?

Monti's 1st Christmas

Then, after a fantastic Christmas Dinner,
some outdoor activities

Some fun times in the days that followed.....
playgrounds swimming pools, cafe's etc etc!!!

...even a slide for Nana!!

......"time with Grandad"

Then over the hill to Arrowtown for five days
......we rented a superb house with a
great outdoor area.

A cuddle for Grandad....

A visit to local winery's was a must.....
Below enjoying lunch & winetasting at
Gibbston Winery

And empty glasses!!

......this one is Peregrine Winery,
an interesting structure


Then over to Queenstown for a look around...

Back home now....

Harry was to have a birthday soon
after he returned to Wellington,
we had a "mini" birthday party for
him before he went home.

Aidan created this masterpiece!

Then.....down to the Caroline Bay Carnival -
we all had a lovely day - even the big kids.
Ella enjoyed being on the rides,
even had a ride on a wee pony!

The highlight for Nana - taking Ella on the Merry-Go-Round

Kaylene won this fluffy bear, Ella loved it.

Then it was off to beach for some serious digging!!

Ella - from a 'city girl' to a 'country chick" in no time at all