Saturday, February 21, 2009


Doug & I spent a great weekend
at Akaroa......such a delighful place

The lighthouse, pretty much self explanatory!!

We went for a walk to see these stunning vistas....

.....these boatsheds & many others where scattered
around the numerous bays.

The weather was very hot - a paddle at Le Bonn beach

The remaining images have been "played
around" with......

.....these two have got the 'old' look

The wharf....

Those boat sheds again....??!!

We enjoyed a lovely brunch, in the grounds of a cafe -
a bonus was the farmers market being held under the trees.

Sunset on this

NO....just kidding, the water had not risen this high!!!

I rather like this one....

We enjoyed a fabulous sunset .....

And out for dinner, superb food.


Fuzzy said...

Great stuff Lorraine, Love the floating light house & the wobbly boat houses they made me laugh! you are having fun, Go Girl! Fuzzy

Pam Cumming said...

Once more a great collection of images, with different styles, as Fuzzy said - Go Girl Go!!