Thursday, November 20, 2008

Physical Health Centre Spring Party, September, 2008

My work place, The Physical Health Centre, love theme parties.
Our Spring Party's theme was
"Richman, Poorman, Beggarman, Thief".
The majority dressed as a Poorman or Beggarman -
however, there were two Thieves, and four Richman.

Doug made a fine Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)

Henry Higgins with his "My Fair Lady" - Lorraine as Eliza Doolittle

Brid (Irish Physio, as a Poorman/Beggarman)
& Nathan (Podiatrist, as rich Hugh Hefna) doing the Toffeepop Challenge

Rhiannan (Welsh physio, as a beggarman)
take a look at her sign hanging from her neck.

Above: Louise (Podiatrist, she would have to be a Thief I guess) - spot the cat.

Below: Rachael & Toastie (Physio, Boss & Centre's mascot, Poorman I suppose)
Below: Toffeepop Challenge - its not as hard as it looks

Lorraine & Brid

Rach (now out of her sleeping bag) with Suzanne & Allan (very very rich!!)....

Below: Hugh, Eliza & Thief (Clare)

Louise, Lorraine & BridThe beggars.....Brid counting her money (actually bottle tops!!)

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Pollyan said...

Looks like a wonderful party. Good photos. Pam