Thursday, May 7, 2009

Autumn Colours - April 2009

Our photographic group took a trip to Wanaka - we went
a day early leaving @ 8.30am & didn't arrive @ Cromwell
until late afternoon. I didn't count how many stops
we had, but there were many!!! The colours were tremendous.

The historic sod cottage along the Waitaki River

.....and this was over the road

Waitaki/Benmore area- the colours were at their best for us

An idealic pond we found

The following images have purposely been done by
moving the camera or twisting the lense in or out

Afternoon drive through the Lindus Pass....a area I love

Our arrival in Cromwell was late in the afternoon....
not a breath of wind made for some amazing reflections

Wow, those colours!

I missed the boat that went by, but got his wake!!

These remaining images I have had "a play" in Photoshop!!

The door of the cottage....

.....and the fence around the cottage

......left behind

Hakataramea Bridge

These old buildings are in the "Old Town" at Cromwell.

Well, thats only day one!!
More to come next week.

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