Friday, January 8, 2010

Rach & Craig's Wedding

Rachael Scudamore, a physio from Physio centre, married
Craig Cahill on Sunday 20th December at the rose garden
on Caroline Bay.
She looked absolutely stunning.....take a look.

Her Mum, Dad & Sister (bridesmaid) travelled from

The reception was held at The Landing Service Building,

Rach had a few word to say !!

.......and then the party began !!

Physio Centre group had a great time as you can see !!
.....My photo's had to be heavily censored!!

Doug & some of his "Physio girls"


Anonymous said...

"Lorraine some absolutely amazing photos, my grown up little girl looks so so beautiful (craig looks good too!).
Thank you these pictures have resulted in lots of tears of an awesome day, she is very lucky to have such good NZ family and friends. "

Mel Scudamore

Anonymous said...

i love a couple of the photos that you tagged on Fbk, esp the one up close, mum and i both think thats an awesome picture
Sonya Cornelius