Friday, March 12, 2010


Recently, Alice & I travelled to ChCh & met
up with Pam. A very very hot day - we did
venture out later in the afternoon to view
Mary-Jo's exhibition. Pam took us to a square
(can't recall the name) - old buildings, bars, you get the picture? Took a few
photo's, but really too hot. We then found a
neat wee French cafe for a lovely dinner &
cool drinks. To be able to sit outside in the
balmy weather was a bonus. Some window
shopping before going to our meeting.
A very pleasant outing.

The walls were particularly interesting!!.............

This one is made by moving the lense up/down

Oophs.....the only thing sharp in this picture is the glass!!!


Emma said...

HI Lorraine,
Have enjoyed looking around your blog! :) Love that last lensbaby shot withthe shadow! Emma

Anonymous said...

Can't believe what you took at Sol Square Lorraine, you certainly saw things that I did not. I love loads of them, the little French scene,and also the Nun with virgin beer, the bikes etc. I will have to go back there and have another look. Excellent I am jealous!! Pam