Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sunday 18th September, 2016 - Kendal to Manchester

A leisurely start to our day which was needed & enjoyed, a scrumptious breakfast was served, lovely music in the background as we chatted like old friends - how spoilt are we, but loving it as well.  I took a wander around Shelia & Will's fabulous garden, snapped off a few photos during my wander. Their garden is in decline as Autumn arrives, while mine at home will be the emerging from our winter.

But, all good things must come to an end.  We knew we had a couple of hours drive to get down to Manchester to drop the rental at the airport.  We enjoyed coffee and flapjacks outside in one of their creative garden rooms before sadly saying our farewells.

Sheila & Will have unselfishly given up a couple of their days to show us around their beautiful area.  We enjoyed the slower pace after being constantly on the go for so many weeks. 

We relied on "Ella on the Dash" for this journey - made our way onto the M6, OMG the pace quickened considerable, but Doug handled the pressure really well.  (He doesn't like the left lane much!!)  All was going well, until we reached or neared Manchester, then holy hell - roundabout, exits, entries, over-bridges, a right tangle it was.  Thank goodness for "Ella on the Dash", we would never have done it without her.  Some white knuckles and tense shoulders, but the airport we did find, and then the rental car drop off (nearly missed that one).  Phew, high fives then unpacked the car, found the shuttle bus to take us to the actual terminal.  That done, we then walked along the sky-bridge (amazing thing, which can be seen in the photo of Doug looking out the window) to our Radisson Blue Hotel room for the night.

I had been in touch with Sylvia (an Irish physio that I had worked with some 15 years previous) who now lived in Manchester.  We met in the hotel, and chatted away in one of the bars.  Now married with two beautiful daughters, she was just the same. Really great to see her again, all thanks to Facebook!!  Our meeting wasn't long enough, but the girls had school in the morning.

We treated ourselves to a flash dinner in the dining room, before getting ourselves organised for the flight to Pisa and beyond the next morning.

After being treated to a scrumptious breakfast,
I took a wander around Shelia & Wills gorgeous garden.

The silver fern flag fluttering in the breeze.  

Before we hit the road, we enjoyed a coffee,
 the company, lovely surroundings,
 and Sheila's fabulous flapjacks

Radisson Blue Hotel, Doug looking down onto the airport
 car park. The Sky Walk from airport to Hotel can be seen here.

A great catch up with Sylvia after 15 years, the only difference
(apart from the years) was that we both drank coke, 

without additives !!