Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oamaru/Kakanui/Moeraki/Shag Point..........(& lots in between!)

January 23rd, 24th, 25th - 2009
I was very lucky to join Alice & Pat along with a Pam, Carl
& others from Nature Photography Club at Christchurch.
We stayed in Oamaru, but spent from dawn to dusk
photographing birds, boulders, flowers, skys etc.etc.
(& numerous coffees!!)

Shag Point.....a very very hot Saturday morning......

Still at Shag Point, (& suffering from heat exhaustion)
we stopped for coffee at this 'little slice of paradise'
......they were a very hospitable couple, and offered
their terrace area to eat our lunch....we accepted.

After refreshments, we 'mountain goated' a narrow
track down the cliff face to some more Boulders.....more
spectacular than the Moeraki variety I thought.

This half boulder clinging onto the cliff

The shape/designs were worth recording
This is taken from the top of the cliff looking down on the boulder
Some self timing photography.....

A quaint colourful crib at Shag Point

High & dry at Moeraki.

A pleasant walk into Trotters Gorge got us
out of the heat for a while

An evening walk to the boulders, the light & the
tide weren't that great but we did have a lot of fun......

scroll down....

Self timing shots.....many hysterical moments.....
Pam, Carl, Alice, Lorraine & Pat

This fellow was lounging amongst the rocks & waves at Oamaru

Waves crashing over the rocks - Oamaru Harbour

Moeraki Lighthouse

We were very privileged to observe the penguins
and there babies

"lets take a walk"

Tourists!!....who is that?

A shag colony near Kakanui.....

Parched paddocks south of Oamaru

Saturday morning produced a "absolutely amazing" sunrise....
unfortunately, we were not there to record it!!
However, we did make an effort on Sunday - certainly
not as good, but recorded it just the same.

After taking the sunrise, I turned around and
captured this one .....nice colours

This shot, taken just after sunrise, in the Oamaru Heritage area

The sunflowers weren't quite at their best,
and the wind proved to be rather pesty!!

.......thats when the Lensbaby come into play!

A paddock of Borag took our eye as we travelled from
Moeraki to Oamaru in the late evening.......

- we called there early the next morning.

The following images are taken with a Lensbaby & a dream filter
................thanks Alice & Pam


Anonymous said...

Your Moeraki/Oamaru etc trip was so very worth while - you see and appreciate our scenery and wildlife in a better way through the eye of a photographer. Thank you again for sharing your special times.


Vicki said...

Really enjoying following your blog. And your photos, as always, are absolutely stunning - great techniques.

Vicki x

Pam Cumming said...

I am always amazed at others photos and what they saw and I did not. You have a good eye Lorraine.
I really enjoyed your view of the Oamaru Heritage area with railway line. I remember pulling up there, and thought' what is there to photograph' You have shown me. The light is great.
I also liked the parched paddocks, the penquins, the Lighthouse which I did not photograph!!, and the Shag Point Clouds. I have been so busy I have not had time to add to my site yet, but I will.
Love Pam

Pam Cumming said...

Hi Lorraine, It is so good to see what other people see, and I wonder why I did not see it. You have a good eye, and I really enjoyed the Oamaru Heritage area with the railway line. I can recall stopping there and thought there was nothing to Photograph. Just shows you!! I also liked the parched paddocks, penquins, and the Lighthouse which I did not even take. Shag Point and the clouds is also impressive,


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine,
Great to see your photos you did well. we all seem to take different photos from the same area. Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi - fantastic shots from what looks like a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

omg lorraine!! i just looked at your blog - there is no way i am good enough to join camera club!!! lol. i'll ready myself for a few tutts!!