Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pleasant Point Railway

Focus Field Trip - Sunday 1st March
(and a very hot afternoon it was)!!!

We were lucky to have two young
models who spent a couple of hours
being photographed at various places
within the steam train enclosure.
Something quite new for most of us.


Pam Cumming said...

Lorraine, What a clever lady you are!!
Loved your versions of the train, and thought that the railway lines were magnificent.
Portraits - well what can I say, I think that they are your forte. You have a great eye for making them into a great composition.
Remind me to get some lessons from you.
How did you do the ragged borders around a couple of them. Is that a download?

Fuzzy said...

This blog gets better & better, Love the girls & the train you are having fun with your photos that's great! Fuzzy