Friday, March 20, 2009

Lizzie & Simon's Wedding

Simon & Lizzie’s Wedding Day 28th February 2009 –

Being a fun & outdoor loving couple it was plainly obviously that this wedding would be a little different from the traditional wedding!!

From the choice where their photo’s were to be taken to the bouncy castle, swing ball, petanque, Mr Whippy, bubble machine and other touches this wedding was to be one to remember. ....however, the weather did play its hand.

The scheduled noon photo shoot at The Sign of the Kiwi far up on the hills overlooking Lyttleton Harbour to the east and the magnificent Southern Alps to the west was shrouded in clouds with a chilling wind; a phone call to Lizzie to halt their 30minute trip up the hill and a few very quick ‘bloke’ photos followed.

The grounds of Ilam Homestead are quite magnificent and a stunning setting for an outdoor wedding and obvious choice for the photos. Again, the weather had the final say....I managed to get some photos outdoors before the soak-to-the skin rain settled in for the remainder of the day.

Sadly, the outdoor wedding was no more. If rain on the wedding day is a sign of good luck (as the old wives tale goes) then Lizzie & Simon are blessed beyond measure! The inside of the grand homestead made for a perfect wet weather option.

This did not dampen any spirits however, and a fabulous fun filled day unfolded as the day got longer.

Lizzie looked absolutely stunning in her choice of gown, complemented by her bridesmaids in black. Simon and his mates were a mass-of-dash also. They were such fun to photograph.

Thanks Lizzie & Simon for a lovely wedding day, it was really special and a real delight to be involved.


Anonymous said...

Far out they look so professional! I didn't realise how good a photographer you were when I asked you to help, I'm so impressed. I had a sneak look at some other photos on your blog, nice to see what the family looks like these days.
Thanks again Lorraine, speak to you soon,
Simon & Lizzie & Scroggin

Anonymous said...

"oh my goodness! have just seen your recent pics on your blog you are better than any professional I have seen whilst Ive been looking this week xx"

Anonymous said...

As usual your photos are a delight to view and even though the weather did not comply, you managed to take some fantastic photos that I am sure the happy couple will treasure.

Fuzzy said...

Fantastic Lorraine, Simon & Lizzie & Scroggin are some lucky dood's to have you as their photographer! Well done. Fuzzy

Anonymous said...

Lorraine....Your wedding photos from last weekend are fantastic!!! Well done. Love how you have captured the red, the dog and the umbrellas and the movement. :)
Rach K.

Anonymous said...

I had a sneaky peak at your blog. Amazing photos Lorraine. You are a legand!
Jo Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine

Just viewed the amazing photos on your blog site - again a wonderful record of family, friends, scenery etc. Such a wide variety of 'special' happenings for you over the last few months. You did well with outside wedding photos - looked a real fun and relaxed event.