Saturday, April 18, 2009

Visiting the Family -

The weekend before Easter we were at Wanaka staying with
Sara, Nevin & Monti , then off to Wellington
at Easter staying with Janelle, Robert, Ella & Harry.

Ella & Harry in their garden....

.....then some beach activities at Lyall Bay - Wellington
certainly turned on some stunning weather.

Ella & Harry love going to the beach - a lot of sand castles
made..........and a lot of sand castles destroyed!!!

Monti, he's six months now and a wee charmer....

Monti loved the playground.....


Lyall and dawn said...

Just looked at your blogg What gorgeous grandkids you have and amazing photography. Up to you usual standard well done.

Anonymous said...

Jane and I viewed your blog site with the updated grandchildren photos. Aren't they growing? Young Monti looks much older than he really is and clearly a real joy for his parents (and grandparents too I bet). Harry has changed - still has the dark eyes but hair colouring now much fairer and little Ella looks just a delight. You'll have such a record of their growing up days.

Anonymous said...

Far out,your photo's are awesome, just been on your blog, hope you can teach us