Friday, October 9, 2009

Dubrovnik, Croatia

We travelled from Cavtat by ferry, and stopped at this
pretty coastal village, then continued to Dubrovnik where
we stayed for 3 nights.

Dubrovnik, is a medieval walled city known as
"the pearl of the Adriatic". Completed in the 13th century,
a magnificent curtain of walls surrounds marble streets,
narrow lanes & baroque buildings. The main pedestrian
thoroughfare, called Placa, is a melange of cafes & shops
with monuments at either end. Churches, monsteries
& museums ornamented with finely carved stone recall
and eventful history & a vibrant artistic tradition.

To avoid the extreme heat we walked the wall that
surrounds the Old Town in the evening .
It was still hot - the light and colours at that
time of the day were awesome.
It took us about an hour to do the circuit.
A truly amazing experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine & Doug,
Seeing your photos I think you had a wonderful time in Croatia and I beleive
you loved the towns and the Croatian experience. Croatia is my favourite
place in Europe and been there a few times and I still feel that I would go
back anytime again.

Hugs to you both

Anonymous said...

These images are soo soo good. They should be in the travel brochures, I want to go there. You have sold me on these places. Well done Lorraine.
Love Pam Keep it up.