Saturday, October 10, 2009


Monti's 1st birthday on 30th October , he's a happy wee boy,
and has been walking for about a month - he is never still!!
Nev "just had to buy" this car that has batteries -
.....& Monti loved it.

I had a trip to Wellington in September, Ella & Harry
have grown so much. Ella now goes to Kindy, and
showed Nana around.....Nana loved it too!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your updated blog spot - again wonderful photos and aren't your grandchildren just great. Little Ella looks so different from when on Magnetic Island - a real kindy girl now and ever so pretty. Proud of brother Harry too. As for Monti - he looks a real hard case and a goer. Bet they have fun times with him!! and will continue to do so. You'd have enjoyed sharing birthday celebrations with them.

There's really no end to learning photography is there? Amazing 'fuzzy' shots and you're just so loving it all. You'll be looking forward to Nelson 2010 and enjoying someone else's organisation of the big event. Keep in mind there are beds here should you and friends need them - 4 in fact.


Anonymous said...

Hi - fantastic photos - WELL DONE


Anonymous said...


Just been into your blog site, the photos are amazing, Beautiful grandchildren and loved the ones of Cromwell. When do we get China??? Great lunch catch up on
Love Anne

Anonymous said...

It is always good to come home to family, and once more you have captured you loved ones.
You are a 'Wonder Woman Photographer' !!