Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clyde - Lauder, 48 km

Departure Day!!! Colourful sky but very chilly.
Some of us chose to ride the river track to Alexandra,
more scenic. We all met at the Shakey Bridge Cafe
for breakie (they do a great Eggs Benedict). When
we left there, about 10.30 it was a beautiful day with
clear skys. The Tiger Hill to be conquered today -
our training payed off, and we all handled it with ease.

The long straight irrigated farmland of Galloway Flat

Late lunch stop at Chatto Creek, before tackling Tiger Hill

The trail follows a sweeping 'S' designed to get the trains
up Tiger Hill without exceeding a 1 - 50 gradient.

Hungrey campers at the Lauder Pub, we were well
catered for!

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