Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hyde & McRaes Flat

Overnight at Hyde (8 of us), McRaes Flat (4 of us)
Hyde is a neat wee place, first visit ever, only driven
through previously.

Aileen, Sheryl, Lorraine, three great friends, the others
were at McRae's at this time....

The pub oozed character, & I loved their decor....

I had a small window of opportunity to have a poke
around Hyde before heading out to McRaes Stanley Pub
for the evening.

McRae's - an interesting spot, & the Stanley Hotel
equally interesting!! We had a great night here!!

Joan & Terry.....the people of the moment.
Joan, organiser of trip, a job done expertly
Terry - vehicle backup bloke & in charge of tea/coffee

Sheryl & Aileen endeavouring to make up the
fold away bed!!?? Much hilarity.

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