Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Walk Around The Wetlands & South Beach

 Thursday 4th January 2013

Christmas & New Year done and dusted.  After the families headed off this morning to their various destinations, Doug and I needed some "us" time to get out of the house and clear our heads.

We headed to the local Wetlands, a haven for many birds which has many walking or biking track through it.  We often bike through, but today we felt in a much more leisurely mood. We were astonished how low firstly Saltwater Creek, then the actual wetlands were.  The mud was a maze of cracks and the shorelines showing different colours as the water has depleted.  We then walked South Beach, taking time to sit and take in the splendid sea view.  A lovely way to fill in a morning.

Salt Water Creek

The vibrant flax flower.....not a tui to be seen

This shows how low the water is.
The clouds put on a show, the wind was brisk....Pacific Ocean to the left, Wetlands to the right.

The Yarra flower in all it glory.  I liked the layers of textures & colours here

Moth or idea, but he sat for a moment sunning his pretty wings.

Overview of the wetlands

A display of wildflowers to enhance this amazing cloud.

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