Thursday, January 17, 2013

Summer Storm

We were buffeted with hail, rain, thunder, lighting last evening and this weather pattern has continued on and off most of today also.  As I type, I can hear thunder but not right above like last night.

I was petrified and after the loudest clap of thunder right above our house, and lightening coming  into our lounge, that was enough for me....I went into the pantry until the worst had passed.
As quickly as it came it departed leaving the water saturated and flooded land bathed in sunshine but emphasising the incredible clouds and rainbows.
We thought it had passed but again just on darkness in it came again with more or the same.
The storm seemed to be rather isolated as we have been speaking with other folk that don't live that far away and they had very little rain (no hail) but could hear all the commotion.

The hail stones hitting the vehicle

Not very sharp as taken through our window looking out to
the sea which is not visible.

Imagine the energy in this cloud, she (obviously, because she is a beauty)
was amazing, and we watched as she moved out to sea.

Then again just on dark, in they came again.  Thunder, lightening
and a heap more rain.

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everyday_art said...

The sky and the open space is wonderful. We really haven't got anywhere to compare with this scenery here in the UK. The Alpacas make me think of South America and the high Andes.