Tuesday, February 19, 2013

McKenzie Basin/Lake Tekapo

A recent trip to Lake Tekapo in the McKenzie Basin, South Canterbury, NZ

We visited Balmoral Station which is just a little further west than Lake Tekapo.
As you can see the weather was primo, the clouds putting an amazing display.

A small tarn, loved all the colours 

Lake Tekapo - the village is unseen from this vantage point

Taken from the same spot as above, looking south 

Its more about the sky in this one.  The slither of teal
is Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, in the distance is world famous
Church of the Good Shepherd

Balmoral Station

Friendly Alpacas at Balmoral Station

Wrinkly Merino Ram

Making Hay while the sun shines
Balmoral Station

Braemar Rd, Balmoral Station to the left
Army land to the right

The Southern Alps looking very naked without much snow

Lake Tekapo again

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