Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday 13th August.
Day 1 - Timaru > Christchurch > Dubai > Dublin

Just an hour to go before we land in Dubai.  The 17 hour flight has been a breeze, mind you leaving Auckland at 8.30 pm did help.  It's a whopper of a plane, for those that are interested B777-200, which means absolutely zilch to me.  All I know it is fabulously comfortable, leg room to burn (and we are economy travellers). Given a rug, pillows, and hot towels on arrival, head phones with so many choices of movies, music, news, tv name it, it was there.  I was feeing very tired, but choose The Lady in the Van with Maggie Smith. I had heard good reports. Dinner arrived soon after, so the pause button was found.  
Beautiful dinner (two choices) I went for the Pan Fried Salmon, buttered vegetables and herbed mashed potatoes, followed by a delicious Mocha Mousse. Doug had Butter Chicken (safe option) after being disappointed with his early tea of Pork Radam (picture) at Auckland Airport. His chicken was served with green beans, roast pumpkin and pilaf.  Oh, and forgot to mention there was appetiser of Beef Pastrami.  All of this washed down with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc  (picture)

Feeling nicely feed and watered we continued watching the movies, Doug's choice was The Reverant.  We both watched the movies to the end, I struggled to concentrate as tiredness and twitchy legs made me very unsettled. By this time it was almost midnight.  Time for sleeping. 
We popped a sleeping pill each, lights off, noticed the roof was sprinkled with tiny twinkles, seats back and made ourselves comfy for what we hoped would be a few hours of Zzzzzz.  And we did, can't say I slept deeply but slept I did.  It was 6am (NZ time) when we stirred, then dozed for a while longer.  Another movie was watched, which made me laugh out loud many times My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. 
Hot towels, Drinks, coffee, then later breakfast which was good as!  Fresh fruit, tomato and cheddar frittata. Two cups of coffee and currently I'm feeling very satisfied.  
We have just been informed that we are less than an hour from Dubai .  NZ time 12.00 Sunday, Dubai time 3am Sunday. 

To go back to the beginning of the day and journey.  We were so organised that we sat and watched some of the Rio Olympics before heading north to Christchurch.  Doug had arranged to go to the Honda place to pick up a bolt for our old Rafaga.  He had been assured they were open until midday, we were there at 11.30 and closed.  Grrrr.   
Raining and cold we had a quick bite at Hornby then off to cousin Robyn and Allan.  They are car sitting and have just recently returned from the UK.  We already had their Ireland Lonely Planet book, now we have their Lonely Planet Scotland book as well.  Thanks guys, you have been so helpful with sharing all your experiences.  
Allan drove us to the airport, checked in and turned around to find Jane ( the female half of the couple that were meant to be travelling with us) and grandson Will to see us off.  
Good flight to Auckland, followed the green line to the International Airport and checked through our luggage to Dublin.  Whoop whoop.  
Texted the kids to say all was well.....a text back from Janelle saying Val had missed out on the gold.......gutted. 

Doug's mistake at Auckland airport - not quite what the picture portrayed

My wee vino on board

Dubai Airport - 17 hours later......
We arrived here at 4am, (I've since give up on converting back to NZ time) the big bird land with ease and precision.  On our TV screens we watched the approach and landing, interesting.
Flying out this afternoon to Dublin means we are in transit; there is much to do if inclined.  We've walked the very large area a couple of times, shops everywhere, we've had our complementary meal, I've taken a few pictures, now we're resting on the big chairs kinda like a (not so soft) lazy boy. Quite content to people watch while the hours drift by. The airport is ginormous - the new part which we didn't see until it was time to start looking for our gate is beyond description, truly.  The logistics of the place, let alone the planning is mind boggling.  We headed off to Gate A20 thinking a pleasant stroll.  Oh no.....we even had to get on a unit/train which whizzed us to another glitzy glassy people infested area.  Wonderful to see though.....lots of reflective images but grabbed a couple to post here - (the last two)......

Lots of murals

Lots of space

Rather liked this one

The food hall where we had to choose which place to go to - Not McDee's

As the sun rose, the haze almost obscured the city skyscrapers

Choices - too many!!
Lots of glass, lots of reflections - every way we looked

 I'm posting this very late at our airport hotel (Clayton Hotel), in the morning we pick up our rental  from the airport - whilst watching Andy Murray playing for gold.  Incredible players, neither giving up, pity there couldn't be two golds as they both deserve one.
I need sleep.

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Paula Davies said...

Pleased to know you have arrived safely. I too stayed up to watch the gold medal tennis match. Those boys looked exhausted at the end but I was so pleased that Andy won.