Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Enniskillen to Falcarragh - Monday 29th August, 2016

Tonight we are high up on the West Coast of Ireland, a wee place called Falcarragh.  We have been travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way which is a tourist route mostly along the coast, often small, tiny and narrow roads.  We love being on these roads, whilst slower travelling we really are seeing the countryside and the little settlements.  The weather continues to be good, although did have the wipers on as we travelled over the moors this morning.  Just an Irish mizzle and didn’t continue.
We left Anita & Dave’s home this morning.   Anita (& the boys) wanted to show us some more spots before we left the Feranagh Lakelads.  She is very proud of her area and knows all the historic and scenic spots.
We first went to the Drumkinny Stone Circles then onto the Jauis Figures, after these we walked to a waterfall.
The Drumskinny Stone Circles were amazing, I think about 32 are still standing but the info as we entered said there may have been 39 stones.  There wasn’t any date mentioned and seems to be a lot of “presuming”.
Onto the Janus Figures – incredible!!   Google says & in my own words “Called the Boa bilateral figure (meaning both sides) and the similar Lustymore Island figure (which was moved to this site in 1939) are found in the Caldragh graveyard on Boa Island.  This graveyard dates from the Irish early Christian period (400 – 800 AD).  The larger of the two, is called the Janus-figure because it has two faces, one side a female the other side a male, reminding some of the Roman two-headed deity Janus??”
I found this graveyard so interesting, left to the elements the headstones covered in moss and lichen, many headstones fallen over and partly covered in grass.
We then stopped off to walk to a waterfall, which was really pretty, a many layered drop.
We said our farewells to Anita and the boys at their Shamrock Cottage on the shores of Loch Erne, taking  to the road, passing through Donagal then following the coast as much as we could.  Stopping at Killybeg for lunch. This is a large fishing town, the boats rather big, doing serious fishing.  We continued on the Wild Atlantic Way road, through many settlements, over the moors which were laden with heather and in lots of areas they were taking the peat.
We kept plugging on, as we wanted to get as far north as we could.
The daily travelling is taking its toll, we are very tired come night time; have just returned to our BnB from a lovely dinner in the local pub and shortly we will be “hitting the hay”.

At Anita's

Part of the Drumskinny Circles

Beautiful layered waterfall, the colour is the tannin from the soil 

The Janus Figures

The old and overgrown gravgeyard

Our lunch stop - pretty daisies in a window box - Killybeg

Beautiful old arched bridge, well weathered

Taking the peat
The heather covered moors, the cut away part is where the peat has been taken

One of the many wee lochs - they are everywhere.

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Meg Lipscombe said...

What wonderful scenery, we love driving on the smaller roads, you really get to see the country. Still raining in Norway..and not Irish Mizzle!