Friday, August 26, 2016

The Burren to Clifden

Thursday 25th August 2016

I have decided to skip (in the meantime) the days I have missed and try to load daily from here on in.  If I have the time (unlikely) I may upload some of the missing days.
We left Lisdoonarva  this morning – the lads were busy putting up the buntings in readiness for the International  Match Making festival which this town is renowned for.  Gracious, we just got out in time!!!  Take note of the NZ flag!!
We headed for a nearby village & the Information Centre which we were keen to find out about The Burren – an area that we were to travel on.  We watched a video then walked through a display. We visited a local church and graveyard which was really interesting before hitting the Burren.
From small fields surrounded by stone fences to vast expanses of rocky landscapes with the odd rock fences.  Lots of lovely wild flowers to be seen.  Beautiful place.
Continuing on towards Galway, we came across the lovely castle so made a stop, paid our Euro and went for a walk up the 77 steps to the top.  Magical 360 view to be seen.
The weather was becoming cloudier; rain was forecast but didn’t really come too much.  Just a little shower as we left Galway.  We loved Galway, the pebbled pedestrian streets were seething with people, bars, cafes filled with folk…..finally we found a nice wee spot outside for a simple lunch.  Met a lovely Irish couple and had a good chat.
Getting out of Galway proved difficult – We called on Dora, who wasn’t helpful at all.  I think she may be “blonde”!!  She has a way of taking us what she thinks is the quickest way – we went rural big time, down the tiniest winding roads until we finally came to a road with a white line – bonus.
The landscape from there on was beautiful in a NZ kind of way – a national park which revealed the Kylemore Abbey (my last picture) – jaw dropping beautiful.
Finally arrived at Clifden rather late, another pretty village.  We are in a hilarious B & B, upstairs, very colourful room.  Bright yellow walls, sheets are yellow with a shocking pink bottom sheet, towels bright aqua, plugs for cup of tea in a drawer, cords all over the place. Toilet/shower can’t swing a cat, bonus there is a tiny couch that I can sit on and do my blog. 
We went up the street for dinner, great wee pub, very popular with live music.  Staff so friendly, I enjoyed a local brew, Doug enjoyed a alcohol free beer. 
A big day, a great day. 

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