Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sheepshead Blip Meet

Thursday,  18th August, 2016

Today was a day that has been in the planning for some time, months in fact.  Amanda & Peter Clarke (both blippers) had suggested we head into their territory which we did as I wrote about in my previous post.
She had organised the local West Cork blippers to meet at The Heron Gallery & Café for coffee and cake.  A great bunch of people, so friendly and welcoming. 
An assortment of blip names – freespiral, himself, travellersjoy, Bat, Cheeryoscuro, RP1 and one other that couldn’t make it.  Wonderful, and we appreciated that they all gave up their day – RP1 travelled all the way from Cork (now that’s not just around the corner).  The Heron Café, apart from the gallery has an amazing and extensive garden also, so after we had consumed a couple of coffees and scones/cakes we meandered about, finally having a photo shoot of the group.  What fun….but much more was in store?
I’ve used Amanda (freespiral) words to describe where we ventured next…..

"We then headed west to Farranamanagh for a walk around the coastline, past the reains of the Bardic school and on towards the lake.  A scramble over the rock towards Kilcrohane pier, up a small boreen into the village of an al fresco lunch at the Old Creamery then a squidgy trek back across the fields, even encountering a surprised long horned cow".

What a day, but that wasn't the end of it - we were invited back to Amanda & Peter's for supper, how very kind.  We spent a very pleasant few hours sitting in their conservatory, with grapes dripping from the vines, and cats smooching our  legs while enjoying great conversation, scrumptious foods, and more. 

We walked a little track from our B & B and found this folly. 

Our own little cove, where our B & B is. 

Wild flowers everywhere, Montbretia 



Bee on ????

Bog Cotton

Heather and the patchwork of fields beyond

The Group - from left RP1, Freespiral, Himself, Teachersjoy, Bat & Cheeryoscuro

Can't bypass the simple daisy

A friendly "shuggy coo"

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