Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It is with sadness today that I add another chapter into my travel blog.

Our friends Jane & Graeme (from high school days) have had to pull the pin on accompanying us on the Ireland/Scotland leg of our holiday.  Health issues have put paid to their trip, although today Graeme has been discharged from hospital thankfully, but much too risky to travel.  More tests to follow.

Gutted, worried, disappointed and tearful (me), but thankful that this hiccup didn't occur while travelling.  Today I had to pick myself up, I set about the task of cancelling the accommodations (B & B) I had booked for us all.  Not many thankfully, and the ones that I booked with "a real person" have been straight forward, its the ones that have been done through websites like or that have proved challenging.  Watch this space!!

The lovely Carolyn (below) has set about changing the hire cars to something smaller, changing hotel bookings at Dublin and Cobn.  She sure is a superstar and we love her for her friendship and positive attitudes.

My good friend Norma had this to say to me today......

 "I really feel for you.  A very wise man Dr Henri Nouwen wrote about looking at our interruptions as opportunities. Who knows what may come of this.  At the moment it will all feel black but further down the track new opportunities may open up for you.  Take care".
Norma is a kind & caring friend :)

Carolyn - our amazing, efficient and unflappable friend
 who happens to be our travel consultant too.
What we would have done without her, I really don't know.

This is just a small section of the chaos around me today.


Vicki Bright said...

I was glad to see on blip that today has been a more positive day. Not long now.

Bright Side of Life said...

One door closes and another opens. So sorry that your friends have pulled out. Am glad to hear that you are still going, though.