Thursday, September 1, 2016

Shoove to Belfast - Wednesday 31st August, 2016

There were some squally showers out to sea this morning and the light was awesome. I took some photos from the bedroom window, (we are upstairs overlooking the water and the Shroove Lighthouse) then after breakfast we went up the hill behind Shroove.  Our BnB host suggested this and we are pleased he did. The pictures below show just how wonderful the mood and light was.  Loved the subtle tones.

We did a bit of a loop after taking some pictures, over the hills, along a winding track down to Kinnagoe Bay; by this time the storm had passed and the sun was shining.  A few pictures, then onto a decent road back to the village of Shroove.  
Time for a coffee and a quick scramble around a ruined castle (which would be totally out of bounds in NZ) before catching the car ferry over to Northern Island. 
The weather looked threatening often but it held off for us (as has been the case over the last two + weeks).  
We did the tourist stops this afternoon - the Dunluce Castle , (which we didn't pay to go into, a few photos from the fence),  the Giants Causeway then the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge. The latter two took our money and we walked with the multitudes for flipping miles, up and down while battling a very strong wind.  So strong that they closed the cliff walk after we had walked the swing bridge.  Knackered. (some pictures will be added at some stage, but we all know what these places look like)
After these stops, the camera went into the bag and it was firmly zipped up.  We took a very picturesque road along the coast, not unlike Kaikoura in some places, then onto the three lane freeway into Belfast.
Dora was an angle and got us to our Hotel, Doug drove with confidence (mostly) and the navigator did OK as well.
Our hotel upgraded us to a Business Class room, loverlee :)  We ordered sandwiches in, which was served with a lovely fresh salad and crisps.

We both indulged in a delicious bath, feeling nicely relaxed and won't be long out of bed......which is ginornous!!

A quieter day in Belfast tomorrow, no driving which will be nice.

Stroove Lighthouse -taken from our BnB window  -  a smidgen of a sunrise.

Some call these Gods fingers - from the window again

Up the hill behind our BnB

Pretty Bay and Stroove Lighthouse  - taken up the hill.

Stunning view as we descended to the Kinnagoe Bay

A selfie at Kinnagoe Bay

Back to Stroove, a scramble up and around Green Castle ruins

Port Stewart - we had lunch in a picnic area before hitting the tourist spots

Dunluce Castle - a photo over the barrier !!

We joined the multitudes to walk (a long way) to the Giants Causeway 

The coastal view as we walked (and walked) to cross the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, once we had walked it they closed off the area where these people were walking as too windy, didn't bother me as I was tired.

The white cliffs of Ireland from the rope bridge lookout.

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