Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tuesday 6th September - Inverness to Tongue

OMG, what a wonderful day we have had - so full of exciting things which I will very briefly describe.  

While yesterday I only took two pictures, today I have made up for that over and over!!  So much so that I haven't even looked at them, blipping one of the last I took, and my extra one of the first.

We were away nice and early knowing we had quite a drive ahead of us. 

Firstly, Doug was keen to see the Caledonian Canal which links Loch Ness from the east to the west.  We motored along, Nessie was in fine form with white tops (extra) the water such an intense deep blue.

Then back to Inverness where we found a park and took to the streets, wandering along the beautiful cobbled streets. 
Then off we went - Black Isle, a detour to Dornock (gorgeous wee village), Dunrobin Castle (truly amazing and incredible), wonderful rural scenes of harvesting and baling, a stop at another pretty place called Helmsdale, over moors interspersed with patches of green farmlands, many wind Turbines, gorgeous and enticing beaches.  So much more as well.

Finally we stopped at this wee settlement of Tongue, way up the top of Scotland, found ourselves a super BnB, friendly folk.  We walked to the pub, met a couple and had a great yarn over a beer or two, they were from Sussex and on a whirlwind holiday.  We had a great meal getting back to our room much to late (and tired) 

Urquhart Castle

The mountains at Tongue

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