Monday, September 5, 2016

Dublin, Sunday 4th September, 2016

We didn't do too much today, in fact had a bit of lie in - well it was Sunday !! We both had headaches, can't blame the Guinness either.

Leisurely breakfast, some Happy Fathers' Day texts from Janelle and Aidan.  And a wee video of Lexi pushing her dobbin we gave her for her birthday, she is very close to walking.

We got back on the bus to go to two stops today - St Patrick's Catherdral and The Storehouse.  (See pictures and captions below)

Headaches persisting, we were back in our room by 2.30 and endeavoured to watch the Hurling final on TV - we both failed and fell asleep, must have been needed.

We have flagged dinner, and will have an early night.

Scotland tomorrow :)

Taken from the moving bus - reminiscent of the buildings in Oamaru.

Dublin has lots of coloured doors.

This bar is the smallest in Dublin, holds 12 people - I notice its for sale.
There are over 750 bars in Dublin

We got off the bus here intending to see inside, but we forgot it was Sunday and there was a service going on.
We had to be content to wander around this beautiful structure of St Patrick's (Anglican) 

Adjacent is St Patrick's Park so we enjoyed walking about here 

Beautiful, I was disappointed not to be able to go inside. 

Next stop The Storehouse.  The man himself 
An incredible building, this is looking skywards.

There is numerous floors, with displays and information  

We had our lunch at one of the cafes.

View from the top

All in for their free glass of Guinness

Top floor - mayhem!!

The very hard working barmen in the Gravity Bar at the top

One of the Green Buses we have used over the last two days.

Taken at the end of the day from our window.

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