Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dublin to Inverness, Scotland - Monday 5th September, 2016

We are now in Inverness, Scotland and its warm....I've just watched a beautiful sunset from our BnB window.
We caught the shuttle back to the airport, yes we were far too early, and the Flybe counter wasn't even open, so upstairs we went for a coffee.  The flight from Dublin was scheduled for 12.4 but we never took off until 1.15.  Dublin appears to be a very busy airport.  Not to worry, we just got in line and took our turn.  A short flight, just over an hour and we were landing in Inverness.  We picked up our rental, this time a Skoda, smart wee number!
The airport is out in the country (an enlarged Timaru airport style) so a pleasant drive into the city.  I like what I have seen of this place so far, and hope to have a wee wander around the city centre tomorrow before we head off up north.  
We went shopping for a GPS for the rental as the company didn't have one.  We were directed to a outfit that has all the car accessories - got it for a really good price.  She won't be called Dora either, but the name is yet to be decided.
I only took the camera out twice today - once to take a photo of our room when we arrived, I thought it rather nice with the Scottish flavour furnishings. 
The other one is of Kessock Bridge, a prominent landmark of Inverness and is taken with the zoom lens from up a hill.....(we went into Tesco to find something to eat, then went up the hill and found a place to eat our sandwiches and buns).  Very nice it was too.
So really, an uneventful day as far as photography goes, but eventful as we are starting another adventure.

Our Scottish flavour room

Kessock Bridge - Inverness

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