Saturday, September 3, 2016

Belfast to Newgrange - Thursday 2nd September 2016

We are staying a medium sized town called Ashbourne which is quite near to Dublin.  The idea being that we can get the car back to the rental company before 11 am in the morning, so as not to pay another day.
Its been a bad day, perhaps better described as not the best of days.  We got ourselves out of Belfast easy enough, and took the coast road down to Portaferry, where we caught another ferry over a small stretch of water.  This is the fourth ferry crossing we have done in Ireland.
The town of Downpatrick proved to be challenging to get through and find the right road out the other side,  even after twice asking folk how to get out of their town.
Mostly the signs have been OK, but today they were very confusing.  We wasted quite a lot of time getting onto the right road, and ended up on the slower coast road for a time, and finally came to the motorway, which then put us on the M1 (faster).
Looking for a turnoff to Newgrange was easy, although not sign posted, but a town nearby was mentioned.  Another lost moment followed!!
However, finally we arrived at Newgrange, buses and cars galore *sigh*.  We went to the Visitors Centre to be told that we had just missed the tour and would have to wait another 90 that time it was almost "throwing the toys out of the cot" moment.  Keeping calm, we went and had a late lunch and a wander around the centre.  People everywhere.
Finally, our turn for the bus arrived, and even then Doug was put on another bus.  Arrive we did (both of us) and joined a lovely lady who talked about these sites and what they think may have happened all those years ago.
These sites are 500 years older the pyramids and 1000 years older than Stonehenge she said - who am I to argue.  Its white round stone walls topped in a grass dome look otherworldly, incredible really, but underneath lies the finest Stone Age passage tomb in Ireland. It dates from around 3200BC and left me wondering about many things that she said. I did love the megalithic rock carvings.

Seaside town of Donaghadee, a very "water colour" morning

Portaferry, I can't resist a rural scene

Looking back at Portaferry as we were ferried across the water.

The tiny village on the other side.

Creeping ivy

The megalithic drawings at Newgrange

One of the dome like structure - we went into the passage and tomb. Very small and dark.

Finally, the peaceful Boyne River which is close by.

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Vicki Bright said...

Brilliant photos. Now I'll go back and read :-)