Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Monday 12th September - Stirling to Edinburgh

An early breakfast and on the road up to the Stirling Castle, we were much too early, like 30 minutes.  To fill in some time we took a wander around the adjacent cemeteries - and rather randomly I found a headstone with my Mum's maiden name Jolliffe.  I've taken a photo of it and will give to my cousin who is doing the family tree, there may not be any connections but time will tell.

The hour and half spent at the Stirling Castle could well have been the whole morning.  So much to see and read, a real history lesson, but time meant that the museum sections had to be quicker than we would have liked.  A great castle strategically placed on a high knob with 360 degree view to watch for enemy (which there were many it seems).

We then went in search of the Old Stirling Bridge (Ella on the dash was very helpful), and very pleased we found it as it is a beautiful structure, and I was very lucky with the light highlighting its gorgeous stonework.

The off to do the Falkirk Wheel trip - amazing and again so pleased we went back today.  Rather than me try unsuccessfully to explain,  here is what what Wikipedia says.

We are now in Edinburgh, only a half hour drive from Falkirk (near Stirling).  We are staying right by the Royal Mile and have walked up and down, the bagpipes playing somewhere nearby.  We enjoyed a meal sitting outside as darkness fell.  People everywhere and every race covered.  Funnily enough, for the hour or more that we sat there people watching I only saw four men in shorts, Doug included.  Weird, as it was rather mild.

The cemetery we strolled through.  

This guy was a real character - he was in one of the rooms, and had spent years
working on the family trees - he reels off many well known names that had
connections to the Stirling Castle 

The castle from below as we drove to the Old Stirling Bridge below

Falkirk Wheel taken at the top and out the window of the barge.

Inside the tunnel

And at the end before we were wheeled back to ground level.

The wheel with one of the barges going in.

And half way up, not the pink top of the barge on the right

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