Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dublin - Saturday 3rd September, 2016

Another day full of interesting adventures.

We left Ashbourne early, but enjoyed a sunrise first.  It very soon clouded over and by the time we were scooting along the M3 then M1 it was bucketing down.  Dora was impeccable in her route choice and we made it safely to the Airport and the rental place.  Wet, wet and more wet.  They inspected the car, all good then shuttled us to Terminal 1 where we caught the bus to Dublin Central.

I knew the way to our accommodation, and it wasn't far just a couple of blocks - wet we got.  And because we were far too early our room wasn't ready.  Not to worry, they stored our cases and we went off in search of the Hop On, Hop Off option.  Good thinking.

We did the whole tour then did it again only as far as Trinity College where the Book of Kells and Long Passage was.  Loved both, amazing and so very interesting.  So pleased we went here.

The drivers of these buses are such hard cases - jokes, singing all the time, some better than others but very entertaining.  Of course, giving lots of interesting historic information along the way.  We went up top on our first circuit, not the best conditions for photography.  But I did improvise as the photos below show !!!  

On our second trip around we went to the Dublina, now a Viking Museum.  Maybe if I was in the mood for Viking history I would have enjoyed it, but by now I was flagging and needed food. This building is joined by a fabulous bridge to Christ Church Cathedral.

We found food and made it our dinner - just a little cafe but with yummy food and good coffee and pot of tea for me.  Back to our BnB (Hazelwood House) just a couple of blocks from the hub of the city.  No lift and lots of narrow stairs.  TV won't work so Doug not happy, he has resorted to reading Dublin stuff on the iPad.

The sun came out late evening, but now its raining again.  Our first taste of heavy rain during the day, we have been very lucky with the weather.

There is a big game (a final),  something that Irish men play (hurling between Kilkarny and Tiparary), in town tomorrow, flags all over and lots of shenanigans going on out in the street below, and I hear sirens from time to time - our drivers said tomorrow would be a big day in Dublin.

This mornings sunrise at Ashbourne

Taken under cover - nobody stupid enough to sit outside.  Buses everywhere, all doing the same route.

Taken from out the open ended bus, me sheltering under cover
How beautiful is that, but imagine the mess in a month or two!!

Loved this group all huddled together. Taken through the bus window

Because it was so wet I started to do some out of focus photography.
More through the window - sort of impressionist - The Phoenix Park, 700 hectares with a wall all around the outside

The famous gate !!

Gas Lamps
Car rear lights through the rain splattered window

Half Penny bridge

Exterior of Trinity Collage - people queuing up some undercover
.....bucketing down but when we came out it was starting to clear. 

Paying the Euros

The Book of Kells exhibition was amazing - brilliant in every way.

The Long Passage - a gasp moment!!

Filling in time while waiting for the bus - signs of autumn

Christ Church Cathedral - looking a lot better than ours.

This bridge connecting an old church (Dublina, now a Viking Museum) to Christ Church Cathedral
Street photography while waiting for the bus - shooting from the hip!!

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